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From the prehistory revealed by archaeology, through 300 years of colonial history, and across Florida’s journey in the 19th and 20th centuries – we collect and preserve our state’s fascinating heritage. Whether it’s for research, classes, or public programs, talk to us about your interests and visit us online and at the University of Florida!

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Foe of Klan Speaks out –

Happy Birthday, Stetson Kennedy!

October 5th marks the birthday of folklorist, activist, writer and Klan-fighter William Stetson Kennedy (1916-2011).  He would have been 105 years old today!  And although Stetson is no longer here in the flesh, his words and warnings about the dangers we are facing from white supremacy speak directly to current times.

Stetson Kennedy by Judith Geftner

200th Anniversary

New Exhibit on the Acquisition of Florida in 1821

A brief account of Andrew Jackson and Neamathla as Spain cedes Florida to the United States – by our Spring 2020 intern, Jason Zappulla.

Detail 1821

200th Anniversary

1821 – A Small but Diverse Population

Americanization meant greater opportunities for some, threats to freedom for others.

Casta Painting

200th Anniversary

1821 – Dress and Appearance

A short account of 1800s wardrobe and its relation to social history – by our graduate research assistant, Rachel Laue.

Examples of Dress

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From Our Blog: The Redoubtable Mary Boyd

Rachel Laue, our graduate assistant, recounts the story of a northern woman come South, who confronts the challenges of hard-scrabble life in the river port town of Palatka during the second half of the 19th century. From a memoir Boyd wrote for her daughters –

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