The P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History regularly provides support for class assignments in American history, Florida history, anthropology, and museum studies, as well as courses taught by the English Department, Women’s Studies, African American Studies, and Romance Languages. Consult this page to find help and research assistance on classes for the current semester. We also have an internship program.

1920s Florida

HIS 4944: An Internship in the Archives

Students desiring hands-on training as an intern in Special Collections can arrange for an internship through the Undergraduate Coorinator in the History Department.

Featured Intern Project

Air Crew

The Saulson Family in World War II

A project by intern Amanda Widom (2018): This collection exhibits the letters of William F. Saulson and his wife, Lila Saulson, written to one another while William was deployed in Europe and Northern Africa. It also includes photographs of their life together in Florida, as well as their lives apart during the war.

Class Projects Online

Florida's Colonial History collage

Florida to 1865: 2020 Student Projects

Showcases a variety of topics on colonial Florida through early statehood and the Civil War – created by the students in Prof. Steve Noll's Fall semester course on Florida.

Prohibition Poster

Picturing U.S. History: A History Student Project

History undergraduates created online blogs examining icons and imagery in American culture. Supervised by Prof. Matt Gallman (History, University of Florida)

Water into Land, Land into Water: A QUEST Class Blog

A fantastic walk through Florida's love-affair and nightmare of land and water use, and its impact on the state's fragile environment. Created by undergraduates at the University of Florida.

South Florida

K-12 Resources on Spanish Colonial St. Augustine

Teacher Resources

Classroom Materials about Colonial Spanish St. Augustine

Developed as part of summer teacher workshops through the Florida Humanities Council, all materials on this website are open-access for free use in school classrooms.

Spanish Galleon